Boltlock is proud to announce that we have opened our forging plant, consisting of a drop hammer and 2 friction screw presses for hot forge heads onto bolts. This enable us a short turn around time.

As we are more than willing to create new tooling for your custom requirements, we can manufacture almost every conceivable type of fastener, many of which are unique to our customerís specific requirements, in both alloy and stainless steel, ranging from M16 to M64. We have an advantage over conventional presses in that we can forge up to 1.8m long.

Red hot bolt, run time of about 1 minute, about 120 kHz

Induction heating is heating conductive metals with no physical contact, just high frequency electricity. To induce the high frequency electricity in the workpiece a coil is used, much like a transformer, except here the workpiece acts as both the core and the secondary. Since the core has no real turns, it can be considered shorted. Logically this will induce massive currents in the workpiece. Since the induced current is high frequency, the skin effect becomes noticeable and forces the current to flow in the outer layer of the conductor. This increases the resistance for the induced high current, causing the workpiece to heat. If the workpiece is ferrous hysteresis losses contribute to heating as well.

This is an item that has been forged after been heated